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February – 2017

Healthy Skin
Your first step when you need help with healthy skin? Examine what you’re putting into your body.
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January – 2017

Ring In The New Year With A Detox!
Are you feeling bloated and lethargic from all the celebrating and feasting? Let us help you undo your overindulgence during the holiday season! Read More…

December – 2016

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers
When it comes to holiday gift shopping, we have all gotten to the point where we just can’t figure out what to get those last few people who are left on our shopping list… Read More…

November – 2016

The E in SHINE is for Energy!
Many people struggle with feeling sluggish and throw in the towel on temptations this time of year. Do you want to maintain energy, health, and weight through the holidays? Read More…

October – 2016

Breast Cancer: Prevention & Detection

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a perfect time to re-educate ourselves and others on the significance of this disease and how to detect it in a timely manner. Read More…

September – 2016

Family Health & Fitness Day

I love this quote, it’s one of my favorites. There are so many aspects to our health, it takes intention to keep them all in balance. One aspect of health that provides immediate benefits for our investment is exercise. Read More…

August – 2016

Your Eyes Say It All…

Women wore makeup and enhanced their eyebrows and eyelashes for centuries – from Marilyn Monroe to Brooke Shields to Gwen Stefani and many others. And now the big trend is eyelash extensions. Read More…

July – 2016

July Is UV Safety Month

Protecting your skin from weather elements such as heat, cold and sunlight is something you probably do instinctively. Read More…

June – 2016

June is National Safety Month

Summer is the time of year when more people begin to engage in outdoor activities, which can lead to injuries if they’re not careful. This is why it’s important for all of us to be aware of staying safe while having fun! Read More…

May – 2016

Eating Healthy

Developing healthy eating habits not only keeps your body in good health and in great shape, but it also makes you feel wonderful! A healthy body leads to a healthy mind; that’s why it is so important to eat nutrient-rich foods. Read More…

April – 2016

It’s National Stress Awareness Month!

Everyone experiences stress on a daily basis. But if left unmanaged, stress can lead to health problems such as anxiety, depression and heart attacks, among other ailments. In celebration of National Stress Awareness Month, follow these tips to reduce stress so you can feel your best! Read More…

March – 2016

Becoming Immune to Your Beauty Regimen?

You have your beloved products lined up on your vanity, but as time goes by, they just don’t seem to be producing the phenomenal results you require. What’s up with that? Is it possible that you have actually become immune to your arsenal of beauty? Read More…

February – 2016

Who Should You Trust to Administer Botox?

Everyone’s doing it…Botox, that is! Data provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons indicates that Botox procedures remain the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. Read More…

January – 2016

Detox for the New Year!

Eliminate toxins from head to toe. Feeling bloated and lethargic from all the celebrating? Let us help you undo the damage of the holiday season! Check out these effective treatments that will have you feeling your best in no time!
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December – 2015

12 Days of Christmas Contest!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…are you ready to get festive this holiday season? We’re adding a photo contest to our 12 Days of Christmas! Each day we will post A ONE-DAY ONLY Spa special and a photo topic to enter for the designated contest.
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November – 2015

Reveal Radiant, Beautiful Skin

Are you ready to eliminate dull, dry skin and expose hydrated, flawless skin this season? Get your skin in shape from head to toe for the upcoming winter months!
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October – 2015

Breast Cancer Prevention!

Did you know that breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women? According to a study, about 1 in 8 women in the United States experience breast cancer at some point. I know we all several personal stories… I am blessed to celebrate my own mother’s 8th year of being cancer-free!
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September – 2015

Does Makeup Have a Shelf Life?

You bet it does! Wondering about the shelf life of that heap of makeup in your drawer? We all have that special cosmetics drawer that’s stocked so full we can hardly close it each day.
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August – 2015

Get Red-Carpet Ready!!

Are you ready to walk the red carpet all month long?? This month includes celebrity appearances on awards shows such as the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.
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July – 2015

Got blemishes?

Already noticing blemishes from your recent fun in the sun? Check out these tips to eliminate imperfections and reveal healthy, glowing skin!
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June – 2015

Are you ready to slip into that bikini?

It’s time to head outdoors and have some fun in the sun! Whether you are hitting the beach or a backyard pool party, shorts, skirts, and bikinis are sure to be everywhere. There is still time to get into bikini shape by making a few easy changes.
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May – 2015

Spend time with Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special opportunity for us to remind our mothers how special and loved they are. Feeling a little stuck on gift ideas this year? Give your mother the gift of time. Check out these thoughtful ideas:
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April – 2015

Take a Spring Break!

Need a day off? Are you tired of the same old routine? You need a spring break to relax you by taking away all of your stress. Benefits of a spa spring break include:
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March – 2015

Behind Every Successful Woman is a…. Woman

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate a few of the women who have played an integral role in the development of modern-day health, wellness, and beauty. After all, ladies….don’t you think they deserve recognition???
Read on to learn about the important contributions of these very smart, talented women.

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February – 2015

Essential Oils…

The fragrant smells and healing therapies of essential oils are some of the many perks of visiting the spa. But, did you know that essential oils can be used at home to enrich your life between spa visits? Read More…

January – 2015

Conquer Dry Winter Skin!

Now that winter is here, flaky, dehydrated skin is a widespread condition many of us have to struggle with. Anyone can suffer from dehydration. Just as you update your wardrobe to fit the cold season, you must also adjust your skin regimen to prevent dry, lackluster skin and promote glowing, healthy skin all season long. Read More…

December – 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Procrastination is a common thing when it comes to holiday gift shopping. We’ve all been there. You’re checking out your shopping list and just can’t figure out what to get those last few people who are left. Finding a great gift…especially at the eleventh hour…can be stressful. Read More…

November – 2014

Give Thanks by Helping Others

The holidays are here. What a hectic time of year! But, aren’t you thankful to have the means to enjoy it? You have your health, your friends, and your family. In the midst of giving thanks this Thanksgiving, take time to remember those who are less fortunate than you. As a way of showing how thankful you are for all that you have, Read More…

October – 2014

Thank a Teacher This Month!

Did you have a favorite teacher when you were in school? That one person who encouraged you and inspired you to be more than you ever thought you could be. You know…that teacher who taught you those life lessons that textbooks simply can’t impart. We all had those teachers who were so dedicated to our education, causing us to never forget them. Read More…

September – 2014

Make a Great First Impression…..Every Time!

We have all heard the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In both our personal and professional lives…we simply can’t help it…. we make a judgment about people the very first time we meet them. We dissect their hair, skin, and overall appearance as we quietly decide if we want to be associated with this person.  Read More…

august 2014 newsletter
August – 2014

Are You In Bikini Shape?

August is typically the month that most people head off for their big summer vacation. If you’ve spent the last few months indulging in backyard BBQs and poolside margaritas, there is still time to get into bikini shape by making a few easy changes to your diet and workout routine and by doing one of your favorite things… hitting the spa!  Read More…

July – 2014

Here Comes the Sun…Now Watch Out!

Since July is UV Safety Month, now is a great time to separate fact from fiction about sun protection. We might think we know everything about defending our skin against the sun’s damaging rays, but let’s put that knowledge to the test with a little game fact or fiction!  Read More…

June – 2014

Is Your Dad or Husband a Spa Virgin?

Men are finally realizing that the spa isn’t just a place for their wife or girlfriend to get their nails done. It’s a place of health and wellness for them too, and not only are more men coming in for the obvious sports or deep tissue massage, but there is an increase in men getting facials and MAN-icures as well.  Read More…

May – 2014

6 Ways to Show Mom You Love Her

Though we all try to show it year round, Mother’s Day is a special time to remind Mom just how much we truly care, love, and appreciate her. While Sunday brunch, flowers, a heart-felt gift, and a tear-jerking card are usually on the agenda, here are six more ways to show Mom just how much you care. Read More…

April – 2014

Celebrate National Stress Awareness Month!

7 ways to reduce stress so you can be healthier and happier
Everyone experiences stress from time to time. If left unchecked, stress can lead to health problems such as anxiety, depression, and heart attacks among other ailments. In celebration of National Stress Awareness Month, take steps this month to reduce stress so you can feel your best! Read More…

March – 2014

Spring into Action!

Reveal your vibrant, healthy side this spring!
The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and it’s warming up outside.  Finally, spring is here!! What a perfect time to jump start a complete tune-up of your body, mind, and soul as you prepare for the carefree months ahead! Read More…

February – 2014

Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Month Long!

Stick Fun Valentine Surprises you both can get excited about! The month of LOVE has arrived and Cupid is on the move! Have you been struck by the arrow of love?  Need some ideas to celebrate with your sweetheart?  Check out these fun activities to keep the spark ignited all month long! Read More…

January – 2014

Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions in 2014!

You’ve probably made numerous New Year’s resolutions in the past that have gone unfulfilled.  Haven’t we all?  For some reason, at the beginning of each year, we make these unrealistic resolutions to better ourselves only to end up disappointed and depressed when we aren’t successful. Don’t do that in 2014.    Read More…

December – 2013

Here Come the Holidays!

The holidays are here and with them come the parties, dances, family gatherings, and charitable events. Are you ready for all the excitement? We all want to look fabulous for these festive occasions. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. Plan your look ahead of time for you and your mate! Check out these great ideas to help you celebrate in style!   Read More…

November – 2013

Give Thanks this Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to gear up for the holidays!  Are you ready?  Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  Have you planned your meal?  Invited guests?  Created the grocery list?  There’s so much to do to prepare for all the excitement ahead!  During the upcoming festivities with friends and family, don’t forget to take a moment to be thankful for all that you have.   Read More…

October – 2013

Get the Most Out of Your Spa Visit!

Many people visit spas to find balance, take time for themselves and relax.  A visit to the spa is not a luxury anymore.  Today’s spas are sources for healthy living and overall well-being. Follow these tips to get the most out of your spa visit.  First, always arrive early to allow time for questions and concerns, and to enjoy the facility.   Read More…

September – 2013

Vanish Your Stress!

Is the long, 40+ hour week in addition to daily family obligations taking its toll on you? A long day at work followed by duties at home can deplete your energy and fill you with stress. Did you know that a majority of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, including heart problems, diabetes, skin problems and depression?   Read More…

August – 2013

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Ready for a blast from the past?  Summer is the perfect season for getting re-acquainted with old friends at those infamous Class Reunions!  Remember that first crush?  That first football game?  And, of course, there’s prom and graduation!  These are just a few of the fond memories we all have of high school days.  Read More…

July – 2013

Fun in the Sun…the Cancer-Free Way!

July is UV Safety Month…a perfect opportunity to freshen up on the importance of UV safety.  Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body?  It protects against heat, sunlight, injury, and infection. Though we all love to be out in the sun, the harm it causes is vast.  The sun causes wrinkles, blotchy skin as well as skin cancer, the most common type of cancer.  Read More…

June – 2013

Father’s Day Fun with Dad

Father’s Day is believed to have originated on July 5, 1908, at a Methodist church in Fairmont, West Virginia.  A year later, Mrs. John B. Dodd, who lived in Washington, decided to plan a celebration in honor of her father.  It was so successful that Mrs. Dodd suggested a formal Father’s Day celebration be observed.  Four years later, a bill was presented to make Father’s Day an official holiday.   Read More…

May – 2013

5 Perfect Gifts for the Mom Who Has Everything

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to let our own mothers and all those who “mother” know that they are special and loved. But, for those of us on the giving end of the equation, it can be difficult to figure out what to give to the woman who already has everything! If you’re feeling a little stuck on gift ideas, check out the list below for some unique, thoughtful ideas!  Read More…

april 2013
April – 2013

Spring Cleaning!
Brush Away Imperfections and Say “Hello” to Vibrant Spring Skin!

Winter can be hard on our delicate skin, and this past winter was no exception. Now, spring is here with rising temperatures and all sorts of outdoor fun, but your skin may still be stuck in winter rut. Read these five fabulous tips to slough away imperfections and spring your skin into action! Read More…

March – 2013

6 Ways for Men to Benefit from the Spa

The word “spa” has a unique way of frightening many otherwise brave men. The same guys who ride motorcycles, climb mountains, and jump out of airplanes are often deathly afraid of walking into the lobby of a spa. We can’t really blame them. In the beginning, many spas were very feminine and the treatments were mostly geared toward women. But, times are changing!  Read More…

February – 2013

Love Is In The Air!

February is a time for chocolates, roses and Valentines. It reminds us to tell those we love how much we care about and cherish them. Thankfully, the gifts don’t have to stop at flowers and candy, and there’s no rule against treating yourself to a few Valentine’s Day gifts as well! Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, there’s always a “spa way” to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Read More…

January – 2013

5 Steps to Whole Body Health

We always seem to reevaluate our health at the start of the year, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like a new year to make a fresh, new start. The good news is, you don’t have to join a boot camp or give up everything you love to start feeling healthier this year. Making a few small changes to what you consume and learning to relax a bit more can make a big impact.  Read More…

December – 2012

5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Party Season

We all love to celebrate the holidays, especially when we’re invited to numerous parties by co-workers, relatives, friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, a couple of months of celebratory eating and drinking can undo all the work you’ve done to fit into your party dress. The trick is to come away from the holidays looking and feeling just as good.  Read More…

November – 2012

Winterizing Skin

Dry, cold weather is upon us, which means your skin is already struggling to retain its moisture while cold winds and indoor heating do their best to sap what’s left of summer skin’s suppleness. With proper planning, you can fight back against the drying effects of the winter months and keep skin moisturized year round.  Read More…

October – 2012
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is why you always see so much pink around this time of year.  During October, breast cancer organizations use the color pink to raise awareness for the disease and remind the public about early detection, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and support for survivors.  According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women (excluding cancers of the skin), accounting for nearly 1 in 3 cancers diagnosed in U.S. women. Read More…

September – 2012
In most cases, unless you are a model or an actress, makeup is meant to accentuate our best features and conceal our worst. Makeup looks best on healthy skin. If you find that you are constantly using your makeup to cover up flaws, or scars from picking at your flaws, you should really consider a series of facials to get your skin looking and functioning healthier. Read More…

August – 2012
We live in fast-paced and hectic society, which can easily throw one out of balance. This can lead to many ailments from depression and fatigue to even more serious issues, such as heart disease and stroke. It’s so important to take preventive measures to regain balance and well being. Far too many are quick to pop a pill, but at what cost? Pharmaceuticals have devastating side effects and can cause worse problems than the ones they are treating! Read More…

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